LL4. Active Planning: Collaborative, Comprehensive and Continuous. What You Wish You Had Known About Earlier

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Not For Profit organizations are under increasing pressure for better financial stewardship, transparency and accountability from donors, regulators, boards and charity rating watch dogs. Volatility in funding and giving has put a premium on agility and forward looking strategy. Yet despite these driving needs for more complex budgets, forecasts and reports, planning is still too often living in Excel spreadsheets. Best-in-class not-for-profit organizations have adopted Active Planning, a process that is collaborative, comprehensive and continuous. Come learn how Adaptive Insights helps these not-for-profit organizations deliver a planning process that is easy, powerful and fast.

Learning Objectives:

  • General overview of the Adaptive Insights planning domain
  • Understanding of the value of Active Planning versus Static Planning (value of Adaptive Insights over Excel)


Solution Specialist, Adaptive Insights