UP4. CFOs Cookbook: Recipes For Success

Specialized Knowledge
Field of Study: 
Business Management & Organization
CPE Credit: 
Knowledge Level: 
Advanced Preparation: 
Basic knowledge of not-for-profit operations, auditing, accounting and/or compliance requirements. General experience working in, or auditing, not-for-profits, including those NFPs audited under GAGAS.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A strong background in Finance is essential for all CFOs. The effective CFO today and in the future needs much more than fiscal acumen. Join us for an interactive dialogue on how CFOs need to be effective in this changing business landscape and adapt to a new model for managing operational success. We will focus on needed skills including professional development, adapting to a changing environment, managing up, leading by example, effective networking, leveraging new technology, among others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply your knowledge of best practices learned in this session to your every day work.
  • Determine how your peers effectively build skills.
  • Determine the importance of effective communications.
  • Gain guidance on resource management.