Divya Gadre

Audit Director, BDO USA, LLP

Divya has more than 14 years of professional audit experience. As a director, she spends the majority of her time managing audits and reviews and compilations for nonprofit organizations. Her experience also includes nonprofit audits under the Uniform Guidance (old OMB Circular A-133). Divya's areas of knowledge include governmental cost principles, revenue recognition, analyzing internal control policies, net assets testing and related disclosures, alternative investment testing and related disclosures, indirect rate structures, disclosure statements, compliance audits for nonprofits, dealing with federal appropriations and related accounting for federal requirements, interfacing regularly with audit committees and providing technical support on auditing and accounting issues for those clients.

Divya is responsible for resolving any accounting issues as they arise as well as identifying and documenting audit risks and creating and managing client relationships. In addition to her client responsibilities, Divya is involved in delivering in-house training programs for the audit department. She also actively participates in the firm's internal mentoring program and firm-sponsored community service events.

Prior to joining BDO USA, LLP, Divya served as a manager at Argy, Wiltse & Robinson, P.C. She also spent two years in the audit department of Deloitte's New York office.


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