John Pomeranz

Partner, Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg, LLP

John Pomeranz is a partner in the Washington D.C. law firm of Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg, LLP. The firm specializes in providing legal advice to nonprofit organizations and individuals in the areas of nonprofit organization tax law, election law, employment law, and environmental law. John is an expert on the law governing lobbying and election-related activity by tax-exempt organizations. He has conducted hundreds of popular workshops on the subject, has authored or co-authored works including "Keeping Track: A Guide to Recordkeeping for Advocacy Charitie" and 'E-Advocacy for Nonprofits: The Law of Lobbying and Election-Related Activity on the Net,' and he had promoted public policies to support nonprofit advocacy. Prior to joining Harmon, Curran in 2004, John was Nonprofit Advocacy Director at the Alliance for Justice, where he worked with nonprofits around the country to enhance their capacity to participate in the policy process.


With the midterm election cycle in full swing, 2018 promises to be an active year on the political front. Tax-exempt organizations may engage in political activities without even knowing it. For More