Philip Proctor

Director, Media & Learning Technologies, AHRC New York City

Philip is a technology leader at AHRC New York City. In his role as Director of Media and Learning Technologies he conceptualizes and designs the deployment of program support technology. The aims of the technology efforts are to add a depth of quality to service, create a culture of innovation, develop best practice, and create and realize operational efficiencies.

Prior to Philip's current role he managed a state funded Balanced Incentive Program Innovation Project at AHRC. The aim of this project was to harness technology in a way that supported people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to experience greater levels in independence in activities of daily living.

Philip moved to the United States 5 years ago from the United Kingdom. In the U.K. Philip worked in education and led an educational technology team in both curriculum design and the integration of technology into high school teaching. Philip obtains a Master's degree from Sunderland University U.K. in Teaching and Learning with Information and Communication Technologies.


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