NOT1950. 3 Essential Ingredients to Efficient and Engaging Change Efforts

Field of Study: 
Personal Development
CPE Credit: 
Knowledge Level: 
Advanced Preparation: 
Basic knowledge of not-for-profit operations, auditing, accounting and/or compliance requirements. General experience working in, or auditing, not-for-profits, including those NFPs audited under GAGAS.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Implementing change is an often talked about and rarely understood business management concept. There are thousands of models for understanding it, all of which work at the conscious level of understanding. This session aims to take it a level deeper. Understanding the behavioral implications of resistance at the conscious and sub-conscious levels can better prepare you for implementing change effectively. Learn the 3 essential components - Communicate, Absorb, Engage - needed to help others adopt and implement your change. Get comfortable using 4 different communications styles that will help you win with early, middle and late adopters to your change. Become a masterful change leader that gets tapped for both strategic and operational change management efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the behavioral implications of resistance to change at the conscious and sub-conscious level
  • Identify the 3 essential components of implementing change: Communicate, Absorb, Engage
  • Apply 4 different communication styles that will help you effectively implement change


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