Shaara Roman

Founder & Managing Partner | The Silverene Group

Shaara Roman is founder and managing director of The Silverene Group, a management consulting firm that advances companies by aligning people programs with business goals. She counsels CEOs, CHROs, and c-suite executives through pivotal organization transitions, such as rapid growth, mergers, and acquisitions. Creating successful strategies on organization design, values alignment in hiring and leadership, and how to eliminate toxic stressors in the workplace, she produces engaged and productive teams, and is a frequent speaker on the role of company culture in driving employee and business success.

Prior to founding The Silverene Group, Shaara held executive leadership positions in fortune 500 companies, including Fannie Mae and Visa, as well as CGI and the NRECA. Born in, Bombay, India, raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and educated in the UK, prior to pursuing a career in the U.S, Shaara's global upbringing provided the foundation for her distinctive expertise in crafting winning workplace strategies for multinational organizations. Shaara earned an MBA from Georgetown University and serves on two non-profit boards where she chairs the human capital committee.


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